Patient Care Program

Welcome to Vertical Rehabilitation’s Patient Care Program.

Standardized physical therapy programs may not always meet the needs of the individual with limb loss. Our current healthcare system has its flaws: red tape, lack of compassion, limited continuity, and knowledge gaps . The goal at Vertical Rehabilitation is to bypass these issues and provide outstanding physical therapy services.

In order to be successful in your rehabilitation, your therapist should be able to spend quality, uninterrupted time with you. A thorough knowledge of your history, medical condition, and individual goals provide the basis for a customized treatment plan. Your therapist should also have expert-level prosthetic knowledge. The integration of human body and the prosthesis is vital to maximizing your potential.

One of the biggest hurdles to a successful outcome following amputation surgery is consistent access to next level care. As a cash-based practice, we can optimize your experience in a number of ways. Our services include:

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment – Similar to a traditional course of therapy. A comprehensive one-hour evaluation is supported by an ongoing treatment plan of care.

Prosthetic Functional Assessment – Provides you a snapshot of your functional abilities and areas for improvement. It also provides your physician and prosthetist supporting documentation to establish medical necessity for your next prosthesis.

Gait Assessment – A detailed assessment of your walking capabilities. Whether you are struggling to find your independence or merely want to fine tune your gait, this option may be for you. Professional-level video analysis is incorporated into a physical therapy gait evaluation.

Therapeutic Seminars – Generally two hours in length, Education and hands-on seminars (maximum of 8 participants) review core therapeutic concepts such as lower body strengthening, cardiovascular fitness, and prosthetic management in a group setting.

Physical Therapy Screening – At any time you may schedule an in-person or remote video screening, free of charge. Discuss your case with us, so you can make an informed decision regarding our services.

Contact us for pricing and details if you are interested in working with our team.